Construction System

The VENTUR is a wind tower in a post-tensioned precast construction. It is characterized  by the newly developed precast climbing construction, in which high-tapered wall elements are constantly erected in a building block principle. The wall elements of the Ventur wind turbine tower are cast in flat open formworks. Due to that customer-specific-cast in items can be positioned very easily in the inside of the tower. No special transports are required for the Ventur wall elements. The wall elements are delivered with standard trucks to the construction site.

Once the foundation is completed and the lowest level of the tower has been constructed, the wall elements are installed from outside alternately. Consoles in the upper section and recesses in the lower section of each wall ensure reliable interlocking and connection between the elements. Cost effective and readily available cranes with lifting capacities from 350 to 500 tonnes are all that is required to build the tower. As the tower does not have to be pre-assembled on the ground, there is more flexibility with the space on the construction site thanks to the space saved. Due to the mobile work platform inside the tower, the erection can be carried out quickly and safely.

With the innovative design, the two-part adapter is braced securely to the concrete shaft. The adapter ends with a traditional steel flange to fix the tubular steel segments.

The post-tensioned tower and adapter can therefore be erected within a very short time.